News Highlights


The opening of the KemBali Thrift Store was a great success. In our first 7 days, we had over 150 customers and sold over 500 individual items!! WOW!#


As part of the Middle and High School ‘Jalan Jalan’ Wednesdays, the students launched RE RE RABU. The idea of RE RE RABU is to encourage the GS Community to recycle more and to bring it in to KemBali. #

Students have improved the waste management procedures at Green School to make sure all the recycling goes to KemBali, all the organic goes to compost, and as little as possible to landfill. We’ve already started selling our recycling to Eco-Bali.

The recycling centre at KemBali has seen its first week of community clean-ups this week, with Grades 1-5 all helping to collect trash from the area around school. The trash collected comes to KemBali for sorting, most of it is plastic (see picture), which CAN be recycled. Thanks to all the kids and teachers for helping keep our community clean!


The KemBali thrift store has been a major hit – the only problem is keeping it stocked! We have sold hundreds of items in our first month. Money raised from our Thrift Store will cover the running costs of the KemBali centre as well as to put towards our future KemBali projects, which include:

Community plastic bag collection competition (cash prize to be offered to the the school that collects the most used plastic bags – GS and local schools; this will be the focus for our next block of Jalan Jalan Wednesdays)

KemBali Bank Sampah – we hope to set up a ‘cash for trash’ scheme for the local community. These have been show to be very successful in other parts of Indonesia, such as Yogayakarta.