Empowering the Next Generation

Green School Foundation’s Executive Director, Kania Maniasa, shares how her organization has evolved to expand the Green School mission to ignite passion in learners and community to create positive, sustainable change. Support their efforts by donating here or buying tickets to GSF’s annual IGNITE fundraising gala in September.


In today’s complex world, we must admit the future seems challenging for our children. As a parent, I’ve simplified my aspirations for them – I want them to enjoy nature’s beauty, breathe fresh air, and experience the same green landscapes we cherish. But there’s always that worry, “Will they get to see and experience the same vibrant nature we have now?” This year for International Youth Day, I hope we all consider how taking care of our world isn’t for us, but for the next generation. 

Part of ensuring a brighter future for our youth is through delivering a quality education grounded in sustainability and biocentric, rather than egocentric, values. In my own life, leaving my home island of Bali to receive an education abroad really shaped who I am and opened my eyes to endless possibilities across the globe. Now, I want to bring this same opportunity to as many youth in Indonesia as I can. 

The Green School Foundation firmly believes that education can address big challenges facing our environment. We see it every day at Green School Bali, where students and teachers work on projects that deliver a real, positive impact. Whether it’s a small effort like learning to cook delicious plant-based meals, or a grand initiative like developing a school bus that runs on used cooking oil, our community is committed to finding solutions.


Green School Bali boards the Bio Bus, which runs on used cooking oil diverted from landfill


At Green School, my role extends beyond our school community. As a Bali local leading the Green School Foundation, I’m driven to ensure our school’s ideas and education mission reach far and wide, touching as many local youth as possible. We’re a group of learners eager to make positive changes and invite others to join us. 


Now is the time for collaboration – a chance to build a strong community that protects our planet. 
– Kania Maniasa, Executive Director of the Green School Foundation 


I envision a future where Indonesian children grow into young leaders, making positive changes for themselves, their communities and their country. I hope they ask questions, explore the world, and find new ways to solve problems. It’s not too late to nurture these young leaders; the time is now. 

This is why the Green School Foundation’s new programs are so important. We have two main ways of making an impact through education: 


Environmental School Projects 

We teach children in local schools about nature care through fun projects and workshops, often in collaboration with students from Green School Bali. We’re also aligned with the Indonesian Government’s progressive curriculum, Merdeka Belajar. Public schools are embracing a more dynamic way of teaching, focusing on hands-on projects and discussing environmental issues. The Green School Foundation wants to contribute to this effort, helping Indonesian students gain important insights about the current climate challenges. 

Through the Green School Foundation, we work directly with kids from various schools and backgrounds. Our programs teach them about caring for the Earth and collaborate with others to drive significant changes. We aspire to reach hundreds and thousands of children and families through our programs.


Students from Green School Bali learn alongside Balinese school students about sustainability


Agricultural University Scholarships 

We help children from farming families receive education about sustainable agriculture. In a land where the rhythm of life is intertwined with the soil and the seasons, Indonesia’s reliance on agriculture is both a cultural tradition and a lifeline. Yet, beneath the surface, a disheartening trend emerges – the next generation of farmers seems to be drifting away from their roots. 

Our focus turns to the children of farmers, those eager to carry forward their family’s agrarian legacy. The Agricultural University Scholarships, a cornerstone of our mission, extend a welcoming hand to these young souls. In a nation where farming sustains and nurtures, these scholarships offer a beacon of hope and opportunity. The goal is simple yet profound – to inspire and empower these budding farmers through education. Our intention is clear: to ignite enthusiasm and provide a pathway for these aspiring farmers to explore new horizons through education. 

 Imagine a future where a new generation of young farmers emerge, armed not only with traditional wisdom but also with modern knowledge and a focus on regenerative practices. The Green School Foundation is working towards a comprehensive program that not only offers full-ride university education but also extends mentorship opportunities. Our commitment goes beyond financial support; it’s about nurturing these farmers-to-be, equipping them with the skills and insights needed to cultivate success.


Supporting modern, regenerative and more appealing approaches to agriculture can support livelihoods while protecting culture and traditions


I firmly believe that investing in the education of Indonesian youth lays the foundation for a brighter tomorrow that spans generations. Our ambition is to foster a vibrant learning community, igniting ripples of change that spread far and wide. 

 Every student is entitled to an education that involves them in the world’s challenges while empowering them to become architects of change. Guided and armed with the right tools, these young minds hold the potential to become the change they – and really, all of us – want to see in the world.