What is Green School English?


Green School English offers full-time, immersive and holistic English language learning experiences for international students and local students. Green School English programs encompass classroom learning of integrated language skills, as well as experiential learning components that connect students with nature, provide service learning opportunities, and offer exposure to practical skills building and outdoor adventure.

Green School English courses draw on the rich cultural and natural environment of the locality and offer a bridge for students learning English to apply for enrollment as full-time members of the internationally acclaimed community of learners at Green School Bali.


Who can Apply for Green School English?

  • 7-11 years of age at time of enrolment
  • At beginner to lower intermediate level of English language proficiency
  • Aiming to achieve a sufficient level of English to enter international school
  • Seeking an alternative to a text-and-test oriented traditional classroom learning experience
  • Open to a transformative learning experience in a natural environment with limited screen time

Green School English 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 Dates

Students must enroll for a full semester of GSE.

Full Semester January 22 – June 14, 2024
Full Semester August – December, 2024 (start date TBC)
Full Semester January – June, 2025 (start date TBC)


Green School English 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 Dates

Students must enroll for a full semester of GSE.

Full Semester Jan 13- Jun 23, 2023
Full Semester  August – December, 2024 (start date TBC)
Full Semester January – June, 2025 (start date TBC)

Green School English Student Enrolment and Tuition Fees

Green School English welcomes inquiries and applications for enrolment from all corners of the globe. All new enrolments are subject to a registration fee. Please refer to the information below to understand the total cost of enrolment and tuition for your family circumstance. The registration fee for Green School English is a one-time payment and enrolments are confirmed only after an offer is made, accepted and tuition fees paid.

Tuition Fees are invoiced and collected at least one month in advance of the start of the session or upon registration. Please note for students joining for multiple blocks or full semesters, the whole tuition amount needs to be paid one month prior to the date they will start.

Why Green School English?

Green School English is like no other English Course because it is …

  • Holistic: day-to-day learning incorporates Green School, Bali’s “3 Frames of Learning” framework
  • Experiential: abundant opportunities to learn by doing and apply English language learning to real-life scenarios
  • Nature immersion: learning occurs on a lush tropical campus in bamboo classrooms with no windows or walls providing incidental and direct opportunities to connect with nature
  • Relevant: learning components develop valuable practical skills including intercultural understanding, collaboration, presentation, and entrepreneurial
  • Language immersive: English is the common language of the Green School community


Green School English Immersion Courses

Green School English is an immersive English program for international students who want to focus on their English language skills. Offered in two semesters from January-June and August-December, semesters consist of four 4-week blocks. Students can enrol for a full semester or any number of blocks they are available for.


For families wishing to have their child(ren) enter the main Green School Bali learning program, we ask that you inform the Green School Admissions Team of your enrollment plans as soon as you begin your application to Green School English. Additional fees may apply. By registering for Green School English, it does not guarantee your child placement in the main learning program.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is non-refundable. It must be paid in full before placement is granted in the Green School English program.

Registration Fee 3,000,000 IDR
Tuition Fee Rates 118,000,000 IDR


Please note this does not guarantee enrolment in Green School or the Green School English Academic Year.

A separate application for the GSE program must be completed. If you intend to enroll, please let admissions know your intention to be considered for a spot (at least inform admissions at least 3 months before)

Application Deadline Semester 1 = Mid-July
Application Deadline Semester 2 = Mid-October

What is Green School English Camp?

Green School English Camp is an immersive 2 – 4 week-long interdisciplinary intensive English language (with math & science activities) and experiential learning adventure for students aged 7 – 14.

Our Theme-based curriculum along with a hands-on ‘experiential’ learning approach, enables students to rapidly build their language skills and emerge as more proficient and confident English communicators. Two age cohorts ensure that learning is tailored to younger and older students and allows the building of relationships with new friends. Set in the heart of the jungle of Bali, Green School English Camp offers a learning environment which will engage young minds and bodies through a truly holistic learning approach.

The Camp is located on the world-renowned Green School Bali campus and aligns with the educational approach of the School. The Camp is open as a stand-alone experience or as a bridge for students to apply for enrollment as full-time members of the internationally acclaimed community of learners at Green School Bali.

Sibling Discounts

For families with more than one student attending Green School English, additional sibling discounts apply. The oldest child pays full tuition. A 5% discount is given to the first sibling (when there are two children in the family); a 10% discount is given to the second sibling (when there are three children in the family); and a 15% discount is given to subsequent younger siblings. In order to receive the sibling discount, all students must be enrolled at Green School English for a period of at least one block.

    • Sibling discounts are only applicable to Tuition Fees.

Refunds Policy

    • Registration Fee and Tuition Fees are not refundable.
    • The school’s budget is determined based on enrolment numbers at the start of the academic year and financial commitments are made to faculty, staff and facilities investments accordingly. Therefore, requests for pro-rated tuition charges or refunds as a result of illness, unexpected departures or extended holidays cannot be granted (refer to Withdrawal of Enrolled Students below).
    • In the event that a student is required to leave for disciplinary reasons, Tuition Fees are forfeited.

    Late Payments

      • The Late Payment Fee is 3% per month and is applied to the total outstanding fee amounts from the payment deadline. Late payments will also result in the forfeiture of any applicable discounts.
      • Students may not start attendance of Green School English, if fees owing are not settled in advance. If paying by term, withholding of education will be applied if a family has fallen one month behind on payment obligations and no payment schedule has been entered into with the Finance Department, or any previously agreed payment schedule has not been followed.

    ‘Force Majeure’

    Should the school be permanently closed down, the School will endeavour to reimburse any undelivered services in line with legal contractual precedence. This means prior to refunding any tuition fees we would fulfil our obligation to make payments to teachers and other parties that may take legal precedence over tuition fees. In this event we would also expect the fulfilment of these obligations would be completed over a 12 month period.


    Due to the dynamic nature of the situation globally, some families may wish to take semester one out of the School and return in semester two. Any families considering this must contact our Admissions Team to provide this advice and access the details.

    In the event that a family is unable to attend for their original enrolment period, the family may defer their enrolment to a later date. Two weeks notice must be given of any plan for deferral.


    A tuition discount will apply In the event that the in-person learning experience is suspended for a period of one week or more. In this circumstance a discount of 10% of tuition fees will apply and be held as credit for future learning or may be refunded on application.

    During any such period, Green School English will be continuously delivered via an adapted distance learning program for the duration of the course.

    Green School is under no obligation to provide refunds on tuition payments.

    For more information please contact GSE@greenschool.org