Beyond The Bamboo Campus 

Now more than ever, the world needs more changemakers regenerating our world.

We believe each one of our students has a unique potential to shape their future in positive ways. This could mean starting a global movement to encourage climate activism, or simply being a kind and caring member of their community. In matching students with post-graduate pathways, we prioritize both personal wellbeing and existing passions for the problems they hope to solve. We have students who go on to university, students who spend a year sailing or volunteering on an organic farm, and others who dive right into starting a business. Whatever direction they head, they do so with our full support and encouragement.

Hear more in the video below from Sal Gordon (Head of Teaching & Learning), Kate Druhan (Head of Community), and Hariett Burrows (Head of High School), about our alumni pathways.

Meet our Alumni

Learn how their time at Green School impacted these changemakers

Clover’s vision: A world where we no longer live divorced from nature

Featured Story

Clover Hogan is an activist, eco-anxiety researcher and founder of Force of Nature, a youth-led organisation helping young people from all corners of the world realise their change-making potential, take action on the climate crisis, and become custodians of a future by their own design. 

Force of Nature serves as a launchpad to help young people step up, rather than shut down, in the face of climate change. They accomplish this through psychology research, understanding mindset as a resource for solving problems, and being experts in understanding responses to eco-anxiety. They have worked to build out an influential ecosystem of supporters and enablers including fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo and Unilever, and policy makers like those involved with this year’s COP26, bringing together the energy of youth with the knowledge of experience. Read more

Alumni Stories: Sowing the seeds of curiosity at Green School

Chayton Thompson, Class of 2021
Activist, and co-founder of Junglo

Chayton's Vision: Allowing the vision to continually evolve alongside his own passions and interests

Alumni Stories: Saying ‘Yes’ by Design

Harry Rostron, Class of 2020

Harry's Vision: To design a more sustainable and inspiring world through architecture

Alumni Stories: Achyuth Jaigopal

Achyuth Jaigopal, Class of 2014
Guitarist and co-founder of When Chai Met Toast

Achyuth’s Vision: Sharing the life-changing power of sensitivity through music and more

Alumni Stories: Achintya

Achintya Nilsen, Class of 2017
Activist, and former Miss Indonesia 2017

Achintya's Vision: Support underserved communities in Bali and help lift families out of poverty through education and access to resources

Alumni Stories: Shiina

Shiina Tsuyuki, Class of 2019
Climate Activist & Sustainable Beauty Entrepreneur

Shiina's Vision: Inspire youth in Japan and around the world to take action on climate change

Our alumni have gone on to:

Attend leading Universities
all around the world

Attend global UN
confrences on climate

Give TED Talks on
global environment issues

Be named one of Forbes 100
influential women

Be a featured activist with the
World Economic Forum

Universities they’ve attended:

Some universities our graduates have attended:

Cornell University, Smith College, Parsons School of Design, Berklee College of Music, Columbia College Chicago, University of Arts London, University of California Los Angeles, New York University, Keio University, University of Sidney, University of Auckland, University of Europe, Barcelona