John Hardy’s TED Talk: My Green School Dream

Every year visionaries, thinkers, and activists from a variety of fields are invited to present their ideas to the world through TED Talks. In July 2010, Green School’s Founder, John Hardy was asked to speak at TED about Green School, receiving a standing ovation. We are delighted to be able to announce its public release on or you can watch it in this page.

Alexandra Cousteau

Activist in Residence at Green School Bali   The Cousteau family legacy of environmental conservation began with Alexandra’s grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau-a former naval officer, explorer, […]

Sylvia Earle

“The most remarkable thing at Green School is the love that’s been invested by the people, the families, the faculty and especially the kids. There’s so much energy and talent.”

Ban Ki-moon

“…I have visited many different places and many schools but this is the most unique and impressive school I have ever visited.”

Jane Goodall

“I think all the students here are incredibly lucky, because there is this great atmosphere of learning about the things you care about..”

Gunter Pauli

PRINCIPLES FOR LIFE AFTER GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL As I stand here in this student-made hall I remember the day 20 years ago […]