Earth Week is a special time here at Green School, and an opportunity for our entire community to continue to take actions that demonstrate our deep and shared love for Mother Earth! This year, Earth Week included a series of events and activities, with each day focused on a specific theme.

Tuesday was our “Community Planting Day” and students across all Learning Neighbourhoods planted seedlings of various native plant species in different areas of our campus. Our Early Years students planted vegetable seedlings, such as lettuce and tomato in our permaculture gardens. The Primary School groups also planted vegetable seedlings in pots made of coconut leaves that they could take home. Our Middle Schoolers planted rice in our on-campus rice paddy. And our High School students planted bamboo seedlings at our on-campus bamboo nursery.

“It’s important for the kids to see that we are doing something together as a school community and that every individual can make a difference. Everybody can do something – even if it’s as simple as planting a seed – and if we all do something small together, it amounts to something big.” – Angie, Middle School teacher.

With this year’s Earth Day theme being #InvestInOurPlanet, let us remember that every action we take -big or small – is an investment in the future of this planet.